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Best baby video monitor out there to buy

baby video monitor

As parents we naturally want to keep our children safe, secure and happy at all times, so it’s hardly surprising that we spend a fortune before our precious little ones arrive. Some purchases are obviously essential, but others, like searching for the best baby video monitor are less clear.

Whether we’re buying cots, changing units, car seats or sterilizers, we spend thousands before we even see the child for the first time. Of course, we simply want to be ready for when we bring the baby home for the first time. As parents ourselves, we know the feeling of agonizing over whether we really need to buy things for our children or whether in reality it’s just another impulse buy.

Many parents research the best baby video monitor range, and ultimately conclude that the video monitors are unnecessary, not least because it’s unlikely that you’ll spend all of your time watching a tiny screen. Let’s be open and up front about this, the only benefit of a video monitor over the non video monitors such as the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor or the Motorola MBP33S Wireless Video Baby Monitor is that you can glimpse at your baby on demand without walking up to their bedroom. Don’t expect to watch your child 24 hours a day, it simply isn’t realistic.

Personally, I believe that video monitors are great if you can regulate yourself to only stare at them when your baby cries or shouts out, so that you can make an easier assessment as to whether they are likely to settle on their own. If you’re not sure you’ll be able to help yourself repeatedly checking the screen maybe you should do your nerves a favor and opt for a non video version.

Whether you opt for the best baby video monitor or an equivalent audio only alternative, you can find a host of other amazing features, most commonly night lights and temperature sensors built in, but also talk back to baby facilities on more advanced models. Good advice to remember when selecting a monitor is that the best choice for you may not be the best for another parent. Choose by features and try not to worry about which is best overall. They all do a similar job, and are designed to keep your baby safe. If you fancy a video model go for it, if not then don’t get one, but more importantly don’t worry about whether you should have done – the human race managed just fine without them for thousands of years!

Things to consider when purchasing a high chair for your baby

You can’t be too careful these days about baby products, and always want to do your research. Plus as a loving parent, you always want to provide the best for your children. Trust me, I’ve had 3 children and the tension of providing the best for your kids at a reasonable cost can be stressful. On my pursuit to finding the best high chair, I’ve wanted to share what I’ve learned through the hours of research that I’ve done. From reading hundreds of reviews and doing some analysis, I think I might have found the best baby portable high chair. Seriously, there are so many things to consider when purchasing any products for your baby. I hope to share with you what I’ve learned and giving you the best honest high chair reviews and recommendations and what to avoid.

baby high chair

Features That Make This High Chair Amazing Are:

  1. Smart ergonomic design with footrest for comfort. It also promotes correct body alignment for proper development.
  2. It comes with a 5 point harness and stable base so your child won’t tip over even if they’re very squirmy. Also the safety harness is also removable and machine washable, which makes it simple to clean.
  3. It’s certified for international product safety by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, Inc. This organization is dedicated to enhancing children’s product safety. (Remember, lead in children’s toy a few years back.)
  4. It’s fully adjustable for long term use and you’ll be using this one high chair well if you like until they’re adults. The size is 78H X 46W x 49D cm, not bulky like most high chairs.
  5. Outstanding quality with an elegant design to look great in your home. It was designed to be used for years and made from cultivated beech wood for endurance and durability.
  6. All the wooden parts (meaning the chair itself) are backed with a limited 7 year warranty, which is awesome.

Think Long Term Investment

I’m an engineer so I love numbers. So whenever I make a purchase, I try to think about the long term investment. A great product is one that I can use over and over again. Knowing that we were planning to have more than one child, I knew that I needed a high chair that we will last me through at least two children. (It has lasted me through 3 children, sometimes things don’t go according to plan.) But even if you’re planning to have only one child, there are high chairs available that is adjustable until they reach adulthood. I know it sounds silly, but the ciao baby portable high chair does exactly that.

Design Is Just As Important!

Evenflo high chair makes are simply great in terms of design. I only bring this last part up because it’s a matter of preference. I honestly think most plastic high chairs are designed too much like a baby product. Yes, it’s cute to see the elephants and pretty colors but does the baby even recognize it? I honestly think it’s more for the parents than anyone else. I also don’t like the fact that the plastic high chairs tend to stick out like sore thumb in a room. For myself, design is really important to me and I believe there are great options out there that are practical and beautiful.